Month: August 2018

Episode 049: Crypto vs. Gamers

If you’re a graphic designer or gamer, have you been wondering why the prices for graphics cards are soaring up? Learn more about cryptocurrency’s role in their escalating demand.

Episode 048: Alexa, But Local

Need help finding an Italian restaurant close to your home? Or how about when a store closes? Call on Alexa to help you quickly find out information on local businesses.

Episode 047: Texas Power Shortage

With Texas’ surging population, demand could soon max out our energy supplies. What could happen if we max out our electrical grid?

Episode 046: How’s Your Profile Photo?

Your profile photo could be preventing you from advancing your career. Discover one website that helps give you a second opinion along with tips to create a positive profile photo.

Episode 045: Safe Baby Monitors

Did you know baby monitors are hackable? Take advantage of these tips from experts to help you avoid eavesdropping on your baby monitor.

Episode 044: RIP MP3

In the span of less than a decade, MP3s ended up in the dust next to cassettes and walkmans. One particularly surprising group has even determined MP3 files are no longer necessary.

Episode 043: Range Anxiety

For all the benefits of electric vehicles, range anxiety has emerged. Learn more about what many experts believe is one of the largest obstacles to EV adoption and solutions that Tesla is incorporating.

Episode 042: Spotting a Unicorn

The true unicorns in the startup and business landscape are hard to come by. But do you know when the tech industry started using the term?

Episode 041: Predicting Trouble

An Austin-based company is helping other businesses predict what was once nearly unpredictable. Find out how artificial intelligence is spotting potential problems ahead for companies across many different verticals.

Episode 040: Passes

Some startups are disrupting the way we can buy what we already enjoy. Find out how you can potentially save more on your favorite activities by purchasing different passes in advance.