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Month: November 2018

Episode 090: Fresh-Built Smart Homes

Home builders are going all-in with technology features that turn a regular home into a smart home. What kinds of gadgets and home improvements are being included?

Episode 089: Subscription Family Accounts

If you want to share some of your streaming accounts or digital files you’ve purchased, some major tech companies have ways to create and share family or group accounts.

Episode 088: Autonomous Aircraft Planning

A Texas company is helping plan the future of our skies as a huge new wave of autonomous aircraft take flight; it’s going to take a lot of artificial intelligence to make sure it happens safely.

Episode 087: Provider Leapfrogging

The race to create new 5G-speed networks means that all the major wireless companies are jumping around in speed rankings as infrastructure and equipment improve.

Episode 086: Online Safe Spaces for Kids

Several startups are trying to make it easier for parents to let their kids explore online. They’re meant to give children a safe space online free from harassment and adult content.

Episode 085: Soundbars

Soundbars, which are typically a single speaker you can add to your TV to simulate surround sound, have gotten much better over the last decade or so.

Episode 084: Blue Light Bothering You?

The blue-spectrum light given off by screens on some of your digital devices may be having a physical effect on your body and your sleep. Here’s why.

Episode 083: App Rot

A mobile device software upgrade might bring new features, but it could also mean saying goodbye to apps that aren’t updated by developers. What’s behind “App rot?”

Episode 081: Texas is an Online Dating Hub

Texas is not only one of the most attractive places in the country for singles, it’s also a place where some of the most popular online dating services are based.

Episode 082: On-Demand Repairs and Gas

If you hate dealing with your car, there’s good news: several apps and online services are designed to take the hassle out of oil changes or even filling up your gas tank.