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Month: May 2019

Episode 139: The Internet… in Space!

Posting to Facebook may not be a high priority for astronauts, but a Texas firm is working to provide interplanetary internet access for future workers and tourists on the moon and Mars. 

Episode 131: Texas’ Top City for Women in Tech

Based on census data, a financial services company says that Houston ranks highly as a good city for women in the tech industry.

Episode 132: DNA Kits

Despite their popularity, DNA kits that tell you more about your genetic background can carry some risks. Be aware of what those risks are before sending in a saliva sample.

Episode 133: Cash Back and Discount Codes

Cash-back sites are taking over where coupons used to rule, saving money and cutting special deals for frugal online shoppers.

Episode 135: The California Poach

The Texas tech economy is growing in part thanks to many companies looking to relocate their headquarters to the state from more-expensive areas, such as Silicon Valley.

Episode 136: Changes in Retail Experience

Retail brick-and-mortar stores aren’t dead, and they’re evolving to offer more digital services that enhance or speed up the shopping experience.

Episode 137: Putting the “Tech” in Texas Tech

Texas Tech University started as a technological college, but even as it has expanded its scope, the name has managed to remain the same.

Episode 140: Tech Hardware Purging

Many of us are holding on to too much tech clutter, but trust me, you don’t need to keep all those adapters, cables and extra hardware for a rainy day.