Month: May 2019

Episode 142: Online is Forever

Deleting something you’ve posted online is never a guarantee that it will actually disappear forever because the internet is pretty permanent.

Episode 143: Adaptive Game Controllers

Microsoft’s efforts to make adaptive video-game controllers mainstream have put the spotlight on physically disabled gamers and the communities making hardware to get them playing.

Episode 144: Tech and the Military

Google and Microsoft are among companies that have had to figure out whether their technology should be used by the U.S. military amid pressure from employees.

Episode 145: The Content Moderators

The task of determining whether content is inappropriate and should be removed from social media typically falls on automated software or employees.

Episode 148: Organizing Photos and Videos

Organizing all the photos and videos that you’ve accumulated is not an easy task; but there are some practical steps you can take to get started.

Episode 149: Preserving the Internet

Preserving data and artwork that has only ever existed on the internet can be a huge challenge for museums and historians.

Episode 150: What is a Data Center?

Texas is a major player in data centers with a large concentration of critical IT data moving through the Dallas/Fort Worth area.