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Episode 183: Lubbock as a Tech Hub

Lubbock may be the next rising technology hub in Texas and its leaders are pushing to grow the high-tech industry there.

Episode 184: The Rise of Raspberry Pi

A $35 computer the size of a credit card created by a nonprofit has made PC-computer power more accessible to the masses.

Episode 185: A New Deepfake Law

Texas is one of the only states in the country to outlaw “deep fakes,” which could be used to battle fake information during local and national elections. 

Episode 186: Will We Stop Buying Cars?

More flexibility in getting around without owning a car is prompting some to wonder how many of us will start to give up owning a vehicle entirely.

Episode 188: Theme Park Technology

Big screens with motion seating, VR, and 3D are just some of the technologies that are being incorporated into new amusement park rides and attractions. 

Episode 189: Do Students Still Need Laptops?

Before parents choose a laptop for high school or college students, they might want to think about how and whether it’ll be used.