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Episode 030: Mac vs. PCs Lives On

The never-ending debate of Mac versus Windows continues on today. If you’re thinking of switching to a different operating system, keep in mind the following tidbits.

Episode 028: 9-1-1 and Cell Phones

A call drop is a disaster during an emergency. Find out some of the latest phone improvements and developments under way making calling 9-1-1 more reliable.

Episode 027: Your Location, GPS and Ads

When needing turn-by-turn directions, having your location settings enabled is helpful. But how do you adjust them so your data isn’t turned into ad dollars?

Episode 026: Hyperloop Travel

Elon Musk and other key players in tech are itching to build a hyperloop to connect our major cities. So where is the state of Texas currently in the development process?

Episode 025: Biometric Scanning

What’s the most difficult thing to replicate that can serve as a password? Learn about the pros and cons of biometric scanning.

Episode 024: Your Privacy Versus New Tech

With all the convenience technology brings us, your privacy can be compromised. Listen now for tips to help you ward off digital intrusion.

Episode 023: The Texas Esports Connection

The fastest growing sport in the world is also popular in Texas. Learn about esports and how the largest video game competition network for college-aged gamers began on the University of Texas campus.

Episode 022: Drone Rules

Looking to take a drone up in the air as a new hobby? Find out what you need to know about flying a drone to avoid fines.

Episode 021: Disaster Data Recovery

Data recovery efforts may go further than you ever thought possible. In the wake of a disaster, your data may still be intact.