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Episode 035: 5G

Ready for your phone’s connection to get the next big upgrade to 5G? Find out the latest news on the 5G Networks and where in Texas that AT&T may pilot it.

Episode 034: Pitch Me

Looking for help launching a new business? Whether you’re looking for funding or just a mentor who has been there and done that, learn about local pitch opportunities in Texas.

Episode 033: Problematic Wi-Fi

Does the internet speed at your home feel throttled? It could be your Wi-Fi router – here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot a spotty internet connection.

Episode 032: Data Veracity

How can companies make the most informed business decisions if their data is compromised? Find out some of the ways you can double-check the accuracy of your big data.

Episode 031: Online Grocery Delivery

Looking to avoid the Sunday rush at the grocery store? Here are a few online delivery options that come to your doorstep or car curbside in Texas.

Episode 030: Mac vs. PCs Lives On

The never-ending debate of Mac versus Windows continues on today. If you’re thinking of switching to a different operating system, keep in mind the following tidbits.

Episode 028: 9-1-1 and Cell Phones

A call drop is a disaster during an emergency. Find out some of the latest phone improvements and developments under way making calling 9-1-1 more reliable.

Episode 027: Your Location, GPS and Ads

When needing turn-by-turn directions, having your location settings enabled is helpful. But how do you adjust them so your data isn’t turned into ad dollars?

Episode 026: Hyperloop Travel

Elon Musk and other key players in tech are itching to build a hyperloop to connect our major cities. So where is the state of Texas currently in the development process?