Texas Mutual Insurance

Episode 040: Passes

Some startups are disrupting the way we can buy what we already enjoy. Find out how you can potentially save more on your favorite activities by purchasing different passes in advance.

Episode 039: Hooray for Cobalt

Did you know how essential of an element cobalt is to your daily life? Find out how tech companies are using it now and planning to leverage it further with the next generation of products.

Episode 038: Telecommuting

Thinking of making the move to working from home? Keep in mind the following tips to help you maintain a work/life balance and still stay connected to the rest of your team.

Episode 037: Data after Death

You may not be thinking of this now, but have you ever considered what happens to your data once you’re gone? Consider the following to help you manage your data and digital footprint.

Episode 036: Smart Homes Smarter

Making your home smarter hasn’t just made managing appliances easier, it’s providing comfort and convenience. Discover how to keep your smart home products connected and how new homes are making installations easier.

Episode 035: 5G

Ready for your phone’s connection to get the next big upgrade to 5G? Find out the latest news on the 5G Networks and where in Texas that AT&T may pilot it.

Episode 034: Pitch Me

Looking for help launching a new business? Whether you’re looking for funding or just a mentor who has been there and done that, learn about local pitch opportunities in Texas.

Episode 033: Problematic Wi-Fi

Does the internet speed at your home feel throttled? It could be your Wi-Fi router – here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot a spotty internet connection.

Episode 032: Data Veracity

How can companies make the most informed business decisions if their data is compromised? Find out some of the ways you can double-check the accuracy of your big data.

Episode 031: Online Grocery Delivery

Looking to avoid the Sunday rush at the grocery store? Here are a few online delivery options that come to your doorstep or car curbside in Texas.