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Episode 019: What are the Top Tech Jobs in Texas?

Programmers, web designers and software developers are in high demand in the state of Texas, but they are only a slice of the technology pie. Find out the other hot areas for job growth in the tech industry.

Episode 018: Why are Smartphone Cameras Improving so Quickly?

With every new phone generation, taking photos is becoming more of a snap. Discover why many professional photographers are turning to their mobile device as their preferred camera of choice.

Episode 017: Cutting the Cord/Calculate the Costs

Has cutting the cord on your TV services crossed your mind? Take advantage of these tips to help guide you with weighing the costs and finding the latest alternatives to cable and satellite.

Episode 016: What is a Diversity Report?

How much do the diversity statistics reported actually reflect the current workforce in the tech industry? See why Google, Apple and other major companies still may be choosing to release diversity reports.

Episode 015: Your Connected Car is Your Wallet

Worrying when you forget your wallet at home could soon be a thing of the past. Find out how car manufacturers are looking towards the future with mobile payments in mind.

Episode 014: The Origin of Origin

Did you know the highest crowdfunded video game has humble roots you can trace back to Austin, TX? Find out the latest games in development by Origin Systems alum including Richard Garriott.

Episode 013: Spaceports in Texas

Will commercial space travel happen in our neck of the woods? Learn about some of the places in Texas looking to launch into recreational orbit soon.

Episode 012: Electronic Medical Records

Smarter healthcare may be on the horizon to make managing your overall wellness easier. Listen to hear how EMRs and EHRs are changing the way doctors and health professionals interact with and assist patients.

Episode 011: Alamo Reality

To help remember the Alamo, one company has created a new educational experience. Immerse yourself in Alamo Reality, an augmented reality app covering the Alamo’s key figures and scenes.