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Episode 010: Five Levels of Self-Driving Cars

If you can’t imagine riding in a car with no one at the wheel, not every future automobile will be completely autonomous. Learn more about the different levels of self-driving cars.

Episode 009: Importance of a Good Cell Phone Charger

You never know when you truly need a phone charger until a really vital moment arises. Whether you just want a high quality piece or to go completely portable, here are some of your phone charger options.

Episode 075: Graphene

Listen to learn about the substance that scientists believe could mean big changes in multiple different areas of technology, and what it takes to mass produce and use it.

Episode 074: Healthcare by Amazon?

Technology may be making its way into medical care with things like online patient portals, electronic scheduling, billing and medical records, and Amazons pursuit of prescriptions.

Episode 073: Top Tech Company Perks

While jobs in technology are notoriously difficult, there are quite a few non-financial perks and benefits that top technology companies are making standard for their employees.

Episode 071: What is an Innovation District?

Companies these days aren’t only interested in growing physically, but mentally and ideologically as well. Innovation districts are how many tech companies are trying to bring more great minds together.

Episode 070: Is Tech Addiction Real?

While scientists are still debating whether or not technology addiction is a real thing, companies in the business of making and selling electronics are getting involved in promoting healthy device use.

Episode 069: How to Improve Conference Calls

Feel like you’re always running into problems trying to set up a conference call at work? Here’s some tips to make technology-based conference calls run a little more smoothly.

Episode 068: The EULA Problem

Even the least technologically advanced of us have encountered an End-User License Agreement (EULA) at some point while installing or updating software. Here’s what you’re missing if you’re just scrolling ahead and clicking “Agree”.