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Episode 200: Where’s Your Health Data?

Personal health records have often been harder to access, but making them accessible to apps from tech companies may have side effects. 

Episode 192: Drones May Go Even Higher

A cheaper alternative to satellites may be drones, which are being built to climb as high as the stratosphere and to perform many of the same kinds of functions.

Episode 193: Facebook’s Privacy Tool Has a Catch

A new tool from Facebook will make it easier to see how you’re being tracked online, but it’s not a cure-all for the social network’s privacy problems.

Episode 195: Why Tech Companies are Listening to Your Voice Commands

We knew tech devices might be listening to us all the time and processing our voices as data, but it turns out other humans might be listening as well. 

Episode 196: Emerging Job Field: Online Video Talent Agents

As online video stars get established, many are starting to rely on management companies and talent agencies to handle their bookings and business affairs.

Episode 197: Frontera is Very Super

More computing power has landed at the University of Texas with “Frontera,” the most powerful supercomputer at any university in the United States.