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Episode 135: The California Poach

The Texas tech economy is growing in part thanks to many companies looking to relocate their headquarters to the state from more-expensive areas, such as Silicon Valley.

Episode 136: Changes in Retail Experience

Retail brick-and-mortar stores aren’t dead, and they’re evolving to offer more digital services that enhance or speed up the shopping experience.

Episode 137: Putting the “Tech” in Texas Tech

Texas Tech University started as a technological college, but even as it has expanded its scope, the name has managed to remain the same.

Episode 140: Tech Hardware Purging

Many of us are holding on to too much tech clutter, but trust me, you don’t need to keep all those adapters, cables and extra hardware for a rainy day.

Episode 142: Online is Forever

Deleting something you’ve posted online is never a guarantee that it will actually disappear forever because the internet is pretty permanent.

Episode 143: Adaptive Game Controllers

Microsoft’s efforts to make adaptive video-game controllers mainstream have put the spotlight on physically disabled gamers and the communities making hardware to get them playing.

Episode 144: Tech and the Military

Google and Microsoft are among companies that have had to figure out whether their technology should be used by the U.S. military amid pressure from employees.

Episode 145: The Content Moderators

The task of determining whether content is inappropriate and should be removed from social media typically falls on automated software or employees.