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Episode 112: Finally, a Babel Fish

The idea of translating speech in real-time for conversations between two people or groups seems to be finally becoming a reality with tech from Microsoft, Google, and other tech companies.

Episode 113: Bad Update Blues

It’s not just you! Bad system updates can cause problems with computers or mobile phones for people just trying to keep their gadgets up to date.

Episode 114: Photo ID on Your Phone

They’re not here yet, but the option to use your phone as your driver’s license may be on the way in Texas and other states.

Episode 115: Lottery in Texas

A company that makes a popular lottery-tracking app has been doing so well in Texas it moved its headquarters to the state.

Episode 116: Tech Spring Cleaning

Tech clutter can really add up. You should develop an urge to purge outdated, unused, and unnecessary tech gadgets and accessories.

Episode 117: Are Theaters Bouncing Back?

Netflix and other streaming services haven’t killed movie theaters; in fact, they had a very strong year propped up by event movies.

Episode 118: Biggest Crowdfunded Game Ever

A huge new video game in development, “Star Citizen,” has roots in Austin and more than $200 million in crowdfunding raised so far.

Episode 119: Dell: Public to Private to Public Again

Remember that time Dell went private? After five years off the stock market, the company returned to public trading at the end of 2018.

Episode 120: End of the Line For Game Consoles?

There may be a future where what we think of as video-game consoles become more like tiny streaming-video boxes. But we’re not quite there yet.