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Episode 122: The Exoskeletons are Coming

Helper technologies that can assist warehouse and factory workers — lightweight exoskeletons — have gotten less expensive and perhaps more necessary.

Episode 123: Is Robocall Help Finally Coming?

There’s been very little done to minimize unwanted robocalls, you may have noticed, but the FCC says it recognizes the problem and wants to take steps to address them.

Episode 125: Deep Breaths, Look At Your Phone

You might be able to find some peace with some highly evolved meditation and mindfulness apps available for free on your smart hone.

Episode 126: How to Quit Facebook

Fed up with Facebook? There are two main ways to get out of the social network: putting your account on pause or deleting it permanently.

Episode 127: AT&T, Media Company

AT&T has toyed with entertainment production in the past, but with its acquisition of Time Warner, it’s playing in the big leagues of content creators.

Episode 129: Siri is Fading?

Despite having a big lead when it introduced its Siri voice assistant in 2011, Apple appears to be losing the home voice assistant battle to competitors such as Amazon and Google.

Episode 101: Big in Biotech

The Texas Governor’s office says that part of the state’s strong economy can be attributed to an abundance of life science and biotech companies here.