Business Tech

Episode 93: High-Tech Military in Austin

While it’s not as well-known as a military down as San Antonio down the road, Austin scored a major victory this year by landing the U.S. Army’s Futures Command Center.

Episode 88: Autonomous Aircraft Planning

A Texas company is helping plan the future of our skies as a huge new wave of autonomous aircraft take flight; it’s going to take a lot of artificial intelligence to make sure it happens safely.

Episode 42: Spotting a Unicorn

The true unicorns in the startup and business landscape are hard to come by. But do you know when the tech industry started using the term?

Episode 41: Predicting Trouble

An Austin-based company is helping other businesses predict what was once nearly unpredictable. Find out how artificial intelligence is spotting potential problems ahead for companies across many different verticals.

Episode 38: Telecommuting

Thinking of making the move to working from home? Keep in mind the following tips to help you maintain a work/life balance and still stay connected to the rest of your team.

Episode 34: Pitch Me

Looking for help launching a new business? Whether you’re looking for funding or just a mentor who has been there and done that, learn about local pitch opportunities in Texas.

Episode 32: Data Veracity

How can companies make the most informed business decisions if their data is compromised? Find out some of the ways you can double-check the accuracy of your big data.

Episode 21: Disaster Data Recovery

Data recovery efforts may go further than you ever thought possible. In the wake of a disaster, your data may still be intact.

Episode 19: What are the Top Tech Jobs in Texas?

Programmers, web designers and software developers are in high demand in the state of Texas, but they are only a slice of the technology pie. Find out the other hot areas for job growth in the tech industry.

Episode 16: What is a Diversity Report?

How much do the diversity statistics reported actually reflect the current workforce in the tech industry? See why Google, Apple and other major companies still may be choosing to release diversity reports.