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Business Tech

Episode 139: The Internet… in Space!

Posting to Facebook may not be a high priority for astronauts, but a Texas firm is working to provide interplanetary internet access for future workers and tourists on the moon and Mars. 

Episode 131: Texas’ Top City for Women in Tech

Based on census data, a financial services company says that Houston ranks highly as a good city for women in the tech industry.

Episode 135: The California Poach

The Texas tech economy is growing in part thanks to many companies looking to relocate their headquarters to the state from more-expensive areas, such as Silicon Valley.

Episode 144: Tech and the Military

Google and Microsoft are among companies that have had to figure out whether their technology should be used by the U.S. military amid pressure from employees.

Episode 150: What is a Data Center?

Texas is a major player in data centers with a large concentration of critical IT data moving through the Dallas/Fort Worth area.