Business Tech

Episode 122: The Exoskeletons are Coming

Helper technologies that can assist warehouse and factory workers — lightweight exoskeletons — have gotten less expensive and perhaps more necessary.

Episode 127: AT&T, Media Company

AT&T has toyed with entertainment production in the past, but with its acquisition of Time Warner, it’s playing in the big leagues of content creators.

Episode 101: Big in Biotech

The Texas Governor’s office says that part of the state’s strong economy can be attributed to an abundance of life science and biotech companies here.

Episode 103: Austin a Tech Hub, Nation Discovers

While locals have already known it for years, Apple’s expansion in Austin has caused some around the country to discover what a tech hub the city has become.

Episode 105: Remember Power Computing?

Mac clone computers used to be a thing and they were built in Texas with Apple’s blessing. At least until Steve Jobs’ return.

Episode 093: High-Tech Military in Austin

While it’s not as well-known as a military down as San Antonio down the road, Austin scored a major victory this year by landing the U.S. Army’s Futures Command Center.

Episode 088: Autonomous Aircraft Planning

A Texas company is helping plan the future of our skies as a huge new wave of autonomous aircraft take flight; it’s going to take a lot of artificial intelligence to make sure it happens safely.

Episode 042: Spotting a Unicorn

The true unicorns in the startup and business landscape are hard to come by. But do you know when the tech industry started using the term?

Episode 041: Predicting Trouble

An Austin-based company is helping other businesses predict what was once nearly unpredictable. Find out how artificial intelligence is spotting potential problems ahead for companies across many different verticals.