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Business Tech

Episode 153: Know Your Quantum Computers

You may not understand how quantum computing works, but you should know that many tech giants are exploring the technology for future applications.

Episode 119: Dell: Public to Private to Public Again

Remember that time Dell went private? After five years off the stock market, the company returned to public trading at the end of 2018.

Episode 122: The Exoskeletons are Coming

Helper technologies that can assist warehouse and factory workers — lightweight exoskeletons — have gotten less expensive and perhaps more necessary.

Episode 127: AT&T, Media Company

AT&T has toyed with entertainment production in the past, but with its acquisition of Time Warner, it’s playing in the big leagues of content creators.

Episode 101: Big in Biotech

The Texas Governor’s office says that part of the state’s strong economy can be attributed to an abundance of life science and biotech companies here.

Episode 103: Austin a Tech Hub, Nation Discovers

While locals have already known it for years, Apple’s expansion in Austin has caused some around the country to discover what a tech hub the city has become.

Episode 105: Remember Power Computing?

Mac clone computers used to be a thing and they were built in Texas with Apple’s blessing. At least until Steve Jobs’ return.

Episode 093: High-Tech Military in Austin

While it’s not as well-known as a military down as San Antonio down the road, Austin scored a major victory this year by landing the U.S. Army’s Futures Command Center.