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Business Tech

Episode 071: What is an Innovation District?

Companies these days aren’t only interested in growing physically, but mentally and ideologically as well. Innovation districts are how many tech companies are trying to bring more great minds together.

Episode 069: How to Improve Conference Calls

Feel like you’re always running into problems trying to set up a conference call at work? Here’s some tips to make technology-based conference calls run a little more smoothly.

Episode 060: Innovation Labs

When it comes to product testing, innovation labs are where the top tech companies are spending their time and money to ensure premium technology for themselves and their consumers.

Episode 008: VR training and safety

Virtual Reality is creating a low stakes, immersive environment for employees to explore. Discover how some businesses are already applying VR to their operations.

Episode 007: Aunt Bertha’s Help

Technology today’s not just making us more efficient, it can also provide help to those struggling. Aunt Bertha is one startup looking to make a big difference and connect people who are truly in need.

Episode 001: Chatbots

By now you’ve heard the buzz and likely seen them in action. Find out some of the ways businesses are using chatbots and how one may add value to your company.