Personal Tech

Episode 132: DNA Kits

Despite their popularity, DNA kits that tell you more about your genetic background can carry some risks. Be aware of what those risks are before sending in a saliva sample.

Episode 140: Tech Hardware Purging

Many of us are holding on to too much tech clutter, but trust me, you don’t need to keep all those adapters, cables and extra hardware for a rainy day.

Episode 143: Adaptive Game Controllers

Microsoft’s efforts to make adaptive video-game controllers mainstream have put the spotlight on physically disabled gamers and the communities making hardware to get them playing.

Episode 148: Organizing Photos and Videos

Organizing all the photos and videos that you’ve accumulated is not an easy task; but there are some practical steps you can take to get started.

Episode 107: Robot Week – Alexa, OK Google and Others in More Places

The range of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant products is going beyond smart speakers. Laptops may be another new place where that tech becomes available.

Episode 110: Robot Vacuums in the House!

It can be “The Jetsons” in your house with a robot vacuum. But what should you look for as you shop for one of these dirt-buster ‘bots?

Episode 111: Zillow Might Sell You Your Next House

The next time you look through home listings, you may be shopping for homes owned directly by real-estate sites Zillow or Redfin.

Episode 113: Bad Update Blues

It’s not just you! Bad system updates can cause problems with computers or mobile phones for people just trying to keep their gadgets up to date.

Episode 114: Photo ID on Your Phone

They’re not here yet, but the option to use your phone as your driver’s license may be on the way in Texas and other states.