Personal Tech

Episode 062: Popularity of Fortnite

Gamer or not, there’s no doubt you haven’t heard of the video game that’s attracting millions of players from around the world. But if somehow you haven’t, here’s what it’s all about.

Episode 061: Voice Tech Too Real?

Sometimes robots are better off sounding, well, robotic. Earlier this year, Google ran into quite a few complaints with their latest automated voice technology.

Episode 058: 3-D printing on demand

If 3-D printing has caught your eye, there are ways to play and experiment with this new tech without committing to spending a fortune on a printer of your own.

Episode 057: Attack of the Scooters

What is up those electric scooters? How do they work? Listen to learn about the pros and cons of the hottest new mode of transportation making their way into a few tech cities across America.

Episode 056: Texas Instruments and the TI-84

All technology is advancing at lightning speeds, right? Learn why this particular calculator has been able to corner the market without making gigantic leaps in technology.

Episode 005: How does Spotify know what songs you’ll like?

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised when Spotify suggested a song you’ve never heard before and you enjoyed it? Spotify factors in multiple variables to help guide you new to musical discoveries.

Episode 004: Ambient Technology

Immersive technology is emerging and becoming available at the beckon call of your voice. Find out how big data is working with a new wave of technology and items you use every day to provide convenience to you.

Episode 003: The Texas woman who was the first to beat a spammer

Over twenty years ago after spam caused damage to her business, Tracey Laguey Parker won a landmark case to ward off spammers. Learn about the first person that successfully won a court case against spam.

Episode 002: Should I upgrade my phone software?

Will updating your phone’s operating system bring more joy or cause you headaches? Take advantage of these tips to help you decide on whether to update your phone’s software.