Personal Tech

Episode 031: Online Grocery Delivery

Looking to avoid the Sunday rush at the grocery store? Here are a few online delivery options that come to your doorstep or car curbside in Texas.

Episode 028: 9-1-1 and Cell Phones

A call drop is a disaster during an emergency. Find out some of the latest phone improvements and developments under way making calling 9-1-1 more reliable.

Episode 024: Your Privacy Versus New Tech

With all the convenience technology brings us, your privacy can be compromised. Listen now for tips to help you ward off digital intrusion.

Episode 023: The Texas Esports Connection

The fastest growing sport in the world is also popular in Texas. Learn about esports and how the largest video game competition network for college-aged gamers began on the University of Texas campus.

Episode 022: Drone Rules

Looking to take a drone up in the air as a new hobby? Find out what you need to know about flying a drone to avoid fines.

Episode 018: Why are Smartphone Cameras Improving so Quickly?

With every new phone generation, taking photos is becoming more of a snap. Discover why many professional photographers are turning to their mobile device as their preferred camera of choice.

Episode 017: Cutting the Cord/Calculate the Costs

Has cutting the cord on your TV services crossed your mind? Take advantage of these tips to help guide you with weighing the costs and finding the latest alternatives to cable and satellite.

Episode 015: Your Connected Car is Your Wallet

Worrying when you forget your wallet at home could soon be a thing of the past. Find out how car manufacturers are looking towards the future with mobile payments in mind.

Episode 014: The Origin of Origin

Did you know the highest crowdfunded video game has humble roots you can trace back to Austin, TX? Find out the latest games in development by Origin Systems alum including Richard Garriott.