Tech For All

Episode 133: Cash Back and Discount Codes

Cash-back sites are taking over where coupons used to rule, saving money and cutting special deals for frugal online shoppers.

Episode 136: Changes in Retail Experience

Retail brick-and-mortar stores aren’t dead, and they’re evolving to offer more digital services that enhance or speed up the shopping experience.

Episode 137: Putting the “Tech” in Texas Tech

Texas Tech University started as a technological college, but even as it has expanded its scope, the name has managed to remain the same.

Episode 142: Online is Forever

Deleting something you’ve posted online is never a guarantee that it will actually disappear forever because the internet is pretty permanent.

Episode 145: The Content Moderators

The task of determining whether content is inappropriate and should be removed from social media typically falls on automated software or employees.

Episode 149: Preserving the Internet

Preserving data and artwork that has only ever existed on the internet can be a huge challenge for museums and historians.

Episode 109: Mapping Airports With Robots

A San Antonio startup has been working to make the San Antonio International Airport easier to navigate with the help of its mapping robot tech.