Tech For All

Episode 137: Putting the “Tech” in Texas Tech

Texas Tech University started as a technological college, but even as it has expanded its scope, the name has managed to remain the same.

Episode 142: Online is Forever

Deleting something you’ve posted online is never a guarantee that it will actually disappear forever because the internet is pretty permanent.

Episode 145: The Content Moderators

The task of determining whether content is inappropriate and should be removed from social media typically falls on automated software or employees.

Episode 149: Preserving the Internet

Preserving data and artwork that has only ever existed on the internet can be a huge challenge for museums and historians.

Episode 151: Your Boss in Your Facebook

There’s no law on the books in Texas that prevents employers from requiring employees or job applicants to hand over their social media passwords.

Episode 152: Are Challenger Banks Going to Take Over?

Leaner institutions that do away with branches, ATMs and customer perks may be the future of banking for people who do all their financial transactions online.

Episode 109: Mapping Airports With Robots

A San Antonio startup has been working to make the San Antonio International Airport easier to navigate with the help of its mapping robot tech.