Tech For All

Episode 112: Finally, a Babel Fish

The idea of translating speech in real-time for conversations between two people or groups seems to be finally becoming a reality with tech from Microsoft, Google, and other tech companies.

Episode 129: Siri is Fading?

Despite having a big lead when it introduced its Siri voice assistant in 2011, Apple appears to be losing the home voice assistant battle to competitors such as Amazon and Google.

Episode 102: Our Internet’s Fast Too

With three cities in the top five for Internet speeds in major U.S. cities, Texas ranks highly for its download and upload rates, according to Ookla.

Episode 104: And Now E-Bikes

The next evolution of electric scooters might not be scooters at all; they may have opened the door for a surge in e-bike sales in large Texas cities.

Episode 106: Robot Week – Coffee by Briggo

An Austin company has rolled out about a half dozen automated coffee-dispensing kiosks called Briggo serving on-demand coffee drinks for iOS and Android app users.

Episode 100: Rural Internet Still a Problem

In states with lots of wide-open spaces, such as Texas, the availability of broadband internet service is still a problem. Here’s why rural internet access is still problematic.

Episode 098: Concerts Go High-Tech

As album sales revenue dries up, top music performers are working to make their live arena shows more dynamic by adding drones, augmented reality and other technologies.

Episode 097: Wanna Be an Influencer?

If you’ve ever dreamed of a life as a social-media influencer, someone who gets paid to promote your lifestyle, there are a few things you should know about what’s required.

Episode 084: Blue Light Bothering You?

The blue-spectrum light given off by screens on some of your digital devices may be having a physical effect on your body and your sleep. Here’s why.

Episode 047: Texas Power Shortage

With Texas’ surging population, demand could soon max out our energy supplies. What could happen if we max out our electrical grid?