Tech For All

Episode 046: How’s Your Profile Photo?

Your profile photo could be preventing you from advancing your career. Discover one website that helps give you a second opinion along with tips to create a positive profile photo.

Episode 039: Hooray for Cobalt

Did you know how essential of an element cobalt is to your daily life? Find out how tech companies are using it now and planning to leverage it further with the next generation of products.

Episode 030: Mac vs. PCs Lives On

The never-ending debate of Mac versus Windows continues on today. If you’re thinking of switching to a different operating system, keep in mind the following tidbits.

Episode 027: Your Location, GPS and Ads

When needing turn-by-turn directions, having your location settings enabled is helpful. But how do you adjust them so your data isn’t turned into ad dollars?

Episode 026: Hyperloop Travel

Elon Musk and other key players in tech are itching to build a hyperloop to connect our major cities. So where is the state of Texas currently in the development process?

Episode 025: Biometric Scanning

What’s the most difficult thing to replicate that can serve as a password? Learn about the pros and cons of biometric scanning.

Episode 075: Graphene

Listen to learn about the substance that scientists believe could mean big changes in multiple different areas of technology, and what it takes to mass produce and use it.

Episode 074: Healthcare by Amazon?

Technology may be making its way into medical care with things like online patient portals, electronic scheduling, billing and medical records, and Amazons pursuit of prescriptions.

Episode 068: The EULA Problem

Even the least technologically advanced of us have encountered an End-User License Agreement (EULA) at some point while installing or updating software. Here’s what you’re missing if you’re just scrolling ahead and clicking “Agree”.