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Tech For All

Episode 066: Why Smaller Microprocessors?

These tiny chips that run our electronic devices are getting tinier. Find out what this means for the technology that we use in both the office and at home.

Episode 065: Mark Cuban’s Tech Start?

Although you might know a few things about Mark Cuban’s personal life and professional career, you probably don’t know exactly how he rose to the top as an entrepreneur.

Episode 063: The Wi-Fi Alliance

Meet the Texas-based nonprofit group that is working behind the scenes to help with all things Wi-Fi, from product innovations to internet and download speeds.

Episode 059: Migrating your Email Address

Got some old email addresses you’d like to retire? Here’s a few best practices for getting rid of old addresses safely and efficiently.

Episode 006: What happened to Compaq?

For long-time PC users, you likely have memories around Compaq computers. Take a walk down memory lane and find out how Compaq met its demise.